I’ve made these presets for fast color grading of my drone footage (DJI LOG).  Over 60 presets that you can use to quickly color grade your drones LOG footage. Use “Lumetri” in Adobe Premiere or “Apply color LUT” in After Effects. They also work with Red Giant’s LUT Buddy which is a free plugin from Red Giant. (Download Shooter Suite and deselect all but LUT Buddy when installing). The CUBE version is the most common.

The LUT files are in the .cube format.

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3D Lut presets for DJI log 2016 from Dynamicrange on Vimeo.

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Check this VIDEO on how to “install” the LUT’s on DaVinci Resolve.
Here is another
VIDEO for using LUT’s in Premiere CC 2014.
Here is a VIDEO that shows how to use LUT’s with Premiere CC 2015.
FCPX users may take a look at this VIDEO

If you want less effect from the LUT try lower the opacity.
I usually put the LUT preset on the adjustment layer in my editor (above the LOG clip) and play around with opacity values. Another way of making the LUT’s less strong is to shoot with less contrast. A LOG setting with -3 Contrast, -2 Saturation and sharpness at 0 works great in this case.

Pay attention to the histogram
When shooting video with your drone try not to expose too much to the right. The LUT’s work better with a normal “middle” exposed shot. If you still get a bit overexposed after applying the LUT add a “brightness/contrast” effect on the video clip (before the LUT) and try a lower brightness value of -10 to -25 in Premiere. Also play around with contrast.

Please watch more example videos below to see the color presets “in action” with different opacity.  The footage is recorded with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and a Phantom 3 Adv in LOG video mode. Settings: 1080p60fps, LOG (-2 Contrast, -1 Sat, 0 Sharpness), Sunny WB.

*update 2* New video: 1080p60fps, LOG (-3 Contrast, -2 Sat, 0 Sharpness), Daylight (Sunny) WB.

*update 3* New video: 1080p60fps, LOG (-3 Contrast, -2 Sat, 0 Sharpness), Daylight (Sunny) WB.